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When it comes to protecting your well system, PURE Protection, LLC  has you "well" covered...



PURE Protection, LLC was created by Michael Barlow, Owner of Michael Barlow Well Drilling.  After being involved in the well drilling industry for over 40 years, Michael Barlow saw the need for a well warranty program to better accomodate his well and pump customers.


 As a seperate division PURE Protection, LLC performs the warranty coverage in house with Michael Barlow Well Drilling and all services are provided by Michael Barlow Well Drilling, the perferred service provider. All service professionals are licensed by the State of Maryland Board of Well Drillers. All of our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional.You can be confidient you have a reliable contractor to make quality repairs.  PURE Protection, LLC is here to make sure your "well" protected!




Michael Barlow Well Drilling Service, Inc. specializes in water well drilling, pump installations, service calls for troubleshooting, and geothermal system installation as well as many other services. Located in Bel Air, Maryland we serve our local community as well as other regions along the east coast. We are knowledgeable of the local hydrology and all local and state codes and regulations. As a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience, we focus to provide each customer with customer satisfaction, superior quality & service, and professionalism you deserve. Our success is based solely upon our comprehensive knowledge, valuable experience, and proven techniques. 

Over 40 years experience 
Certified State of Maryland Master Well Drillers

Commerical & Residential Geothermal Systems

Commerical & Residential Water wells & pumps
OSHA Certified (Occupational Safety and Health Association) 
NGWA Certified (National Ground Water Association) 
IGSHPA Certified (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association)

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